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Statement of Faith
What you believe matters...If the foundation is shaky the whole structure is unsafe.  Make sure you build on the truth of the Bible, the inspired Word of God.

Water Baptism

Baptism of the Holy Spirit
(Have you received this in-filling?)

Things to Consider
Poems and other thought
by Calvin Bergsma

Spiritual Warfare  
(We are all in this battle!)

Rules of Interpretation
In studying the Scriptures there are rules of correctly dividing the word of truth.
Why We Gather 
Why is it important to be part of a local church and to get involved with the lives of other believers.

The 70 Principle 
“The Seventy Principle” is a teaching series that covers basic Bible based instruction to help Christians to better understand and communicate the foundational doctrines of our faith and to prepare them for ministry. “The 70 Principle” comes from Luke 10:1-12 where Jesus himself taught and sent out 70 of His followers with His message of hope and deliverance. This teaching series is given to prepare you as a Christians to be sent out and fulfill the great commission.

Christian History
We like to think of "HISTORY" as "HIS STORY"; studying how God has shaped the events of history will enrich your faith.
Comparisons of Christianity to Other Religions

Heaven's Horticulture

Bible or Bible Gateway
Seven versions of the Bible in five languages with a lot of links to other valuable resources.

Bulletins - Current & Previous

GCF Forms & Other Resource

This file is a zipped collection of GCF logos in various files formats,( .emf .tiff .ai .wmf)

Is Your Faith Based on Fact or Fiction?

THE INTERNET & SMART PHONES - Friend AND Foe - Protecting Your Family

There is no resource as definitive as the Word of God! ...Check it First!
Other Links
(God's Word says to judge all things, check everything you read against the Bible.)
      Suggested Reading
Israel & the Church Ancient Manuscripts Christian History Wind a timely book challenging Christians to pray for rival.
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CCLI Worship & Praise Praise Worship Archive

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