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We are pleased to announce that the new picture directories are finally here.
Each GCF family may have one copy.  If you had your picture taken apart from your family or live on your own, you may also take one.  The directories are available upon request in the office.
Please sign the sheet that you received your copy. 
Additional copies may purchased for $5 each.


The GCF family may access the directory on the web in read only format by clicking on the link below.
 GCF-Directory-Secure.pdf  (You will need a password to view this)
To get your password email
Please include your name and phone number we will call you with it.
Security is very important and this information is intentionally read only.

Please note: This directory is for the private, non-commercial, non-promotional use of the members of Georgetown Christian Fellowship only and is not to be used by any other group or person.

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