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  Let the redeemed of the Lord say so ...Be a wittness don't plead the 5th! These GCF Testimonies are provided as a courtesy by Georgetown Christian Fellowship.

NOTE: Many of the testimonies shared at GCF are meant solely for the listening audience present at the time.  Other testimonies are meant for not only the attending audience, but also for the world to receive from and be blessed by, as God may want to use them.  Testimonies in this second category are posted below.

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   Let the redeemed of the Lord say so ...  (Psalm 107:2)

7/29/16   My Near-Lethal Bee Sting     Calvin Bergsma
4/10/16   Saleem Kamal - Islam To Christ  Audio  
1/17/16   Delivered From Migraine Headaches     
1/17/16   Becky Hoffman Testifying Of God's Compassion     Becky Hoffman 
1/17/16   John Thanking God For A Healthy Heart       John N. 
9/06/15    Laine Blamik - "A TEST AND A TESTIMONY"    Open Mic 
 7/06/14    Awesome Church Testimonies     Open Mic 
 2/24/13    Testimonies      Open Mic
 9/2/12    Testimonies    

  Male Survives A Deadly Fall To Text About It    Marilou

   The Goodness Of God    Jim Clark

  When We Think Sometimes God Is So
  Removed From Our Trials
  Jim Clark


   You Can't Tell Me There Is No God!   John Bergsma


  Growing Weary As A Christian?   Jim Clark


    Money And Church   Jim Clark
10/9/11   God Clearly Spoke To Me
  Jim Clark


The Andrew Leach Testimony

  Andrew Leach
 2/13/11    Another Baby Child Lives    Eric Verstraete
  1/17/11    All Of Heaven Declares His Glory    Patty VanKoevering
 1/3/11    Thanks, Lord, For The Hiking Boots     Eric Verstraete
11/28/10    What Georgetown Christian Fellowship Does     Dan Feyen
10/10/10    Encouragement For Prayer     Jim Clark
   Encouragement For Prayer Warriors
   Andrew    Leach


   Butcher Knife Bear Story

   Calvin Bergsma


  Thank God For Keeping Us Safe!    Lowell Krussell
Western Michigan Teen Challenge (Rally Team)
     Youtube Segments:  
Part 1  Part 2   Part 3   Part 4

  To Watch The Full Service:  Part 1  Part 2

   Teen Challenge

 Testimonies Of God's Faithfulness    Open Mike

 Lord - Show Me How I Can Be A Light In Class    Laurel Weber

 Jesus Never Fails - Even In The Hard Times    Sarah Hall
 My Wife Is Perfect
 Lowell Krussell

 Encouragement From God For Discouraged Salesman    Dave Steenwyk
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