About Georgetown Christian Fellowship (GCF)

We are located at 3668 Port Sheldon St. on the south west corner of Port Sheldon and 36th St. Georgetown Christian Fellowship was previously known as Grandville Christian Fellowship which met in South Elementary School in Grandville for more than 10 years, and in 2008 built in Georgetown Twp. and changed our name. Since moving to Hudsonville we have seen the Lord's hand of blessing on our church family. At the end of 2014 (due growth, going to multiple services and paying off the faculties) we enlarged the sanctuary and added a fellowship hall and a 2nd floor education wing.

The church is family friendly and has a refreshing mix of young and old. We are very excited about the opportunity to join the other churches in the area in serving the spiritual needs in this growing community. God has given this body aCalvin Bergsma - Pastor ministry of reconciliation; we strive to be real with each other and real with God. This world is tired of traditions and religion without life, they want something authentic. During our worship services its common to have the members of the congregation spontaneously come forward and share either a personal testimony or a spiritual truth that has become real to them.

Worship and praise in its many forms play a vital role in our church. We sing the fresh new songs that inspire our lives but do not neglect the hymns that have stood the test of time.

Moving into our own facility has allowed us to better meet the needs of the area and we are excited and looking forward to sharing the love of God in this community.

If you are looking for a church home please come and join us,

If you would like to find out more you may call (616) 805-2693

Calvin Bergsma
Pastor / Georgetown Christian Fellowship

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