Jesse Meerman... Elder

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Jesse Meerman is part owner of Grassfields Cheese in Coopersville. He has worked on his families dairy farm his entire life. His understanding of what it takes to care for a farm and a herd of cows gives him unique insight into caring for (shepherding) the body of believers at GCF. 

His passions are:  His wonderful wife Betsy, his three young girls (Sophia, Katy, Mary) and studying the Word.  Jesse is overjoyed to have a source of truth that he can rely on with complete confidence, the Word of God.

He attended Faith Baptist Bible College and is a member of the Gideons.  He has gone on several  missions trips to Central Africa Republic, Micronesia, Honduras.

He has a ministry of understanding and displays wisdom and courage seldom found in men his age.

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(616) 997-1306

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